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Saturday, 6 November 2010

What a week!

We continued southwards, travelling through the stunning Calchaqui valley with its multicolored hills, ravines and lovely little villages which seems to have stood the test of time. And with the hours passing; the nature changed. All of a sudden the barren landscape we had got so used to; was green and lush and the dust was gone.

  Waking up in the colonial city of Salta was a huge change to the senses. Suddenly there were modern cars, shops and everywhere was clean; and you know what? It made me sad. I started to miss the mess, the unpredictability and the feeling of being free to do what you want since there is no existing law to follow. Why can there not be something in between?
But the sun was shining so we went out to enjoy the beautiful colored buildings and of course visit the stunning churches. In the afternoon we went to the  MAAM museum to learn more about the Inka culture and to see some dead Inka children displayed, quite disturbing...
The next day we went to visit a lovely holiday town where the Argentinians go called San Lorenzo, its only 10 k out of Salta but due to its micro-climate it has all you need for a relaxing weekend in the nature rainforest, canopy walkways and great walking tracks.

 Next stop after that was Cordoba which is the second largest city of Argentina. We only stayed for a day as I had had enough of cities ( hm, how on earth will I manage  in  London?)and we both could not wait to test lots of different Malbec wines in the picturesque area of Mendoza.

Aconcagua, South America΅s highest mountain

Biking around Mendoza


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