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Saturday, 6 November 2010

This is it!

Another dream has been fullfilled! At last after a looooong journey we arrived - Patagonia.
And it is true what they say about the weather there: you can have it all in one day: hurricane winds, snow, sleet, rain and scorching sunshine. It all somehow adds to the experience - it shakes you up and makes you feel alive.

We spent the days travelling by foot and bike through the lake district. First stop was San Martin de los Andes; a quaint "alp" village which; wait for it: has decided to specialize in Chocolate, so everywhere you go there is chocolate waiting to be eaten. I was in heaven!
From there we travelled on one of the most beautiful roads in the world "la ruta de los siete lagos" down to the adventure sport capital of Argentina: Bariloche. Believe me, if I had my loved ones there, I would have stayed. Seldom have I been surrounded by such beauty; it really is one of the most perfect towns in the world, I just wished I had more time so that I could have hiked for weeks on end in the national park: Nahuel Huapi, but instead I had only a few days to explore it. We then finished the stay with what I truly believe to be the most stunning bike trip I have ever done and it definetely must be on the top 10 list of bike rides in the world.



The Photodiarist said...

How fantastic . . . I never got past Buenos Aires myself.

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