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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


So have I changed? Of course I have, it would be very sad if I had not. And maybe it is only me who will notice the difference and that is ok. What is the one best thing I have learnt?

That the world really is more beautiful than any picture can ever capture. There is beauty everywhere and in everyone.

I remember when I was very young and had just learnt to read. One day I was walking with my dad in my home town and got really irritated as I realized I could no longer just look at signs and see lovely shapes and colors. I could understand what the words meant and somehow the letters had lost parts of its beauty. From then on I would always have to read what was in front of me.

Then when I started to learn more about photography I started to look at the world differently. I looked at the composition of the reality in front of me, I kind of took in the grayscale of my surroundings, I could see what made the composition more interesting but also what made pictures plain bland.

A few years later I started studying fine art and once again learnt another way of looking at the world. I tried to figure out what colors a white object were composed of or what contrasting colors should be used to paint the shade, how I could depict the perspective of a house or person, and how I could make the skin look more real.

And now, after months of studying the world I finally feel like myself again. I feel that all that I have learnt in my life has somehow come together.  I can mix it all together and hope to see the beauty in everything, ( and that can be terribly frustrating as it takes forever to walk down a road with the camera)

We are here for such a short time that every day, every meeting is a blessing.

Thanks for listening. Ill update you as soon as possible with the name of my new blog.


Wil Roettgen said...

Mia, shame i missed you last time I have been in London. Will be back early September and we should really meet up then. It has been ages! Just read your last entry on your round the world blog... wow, how sweet and nice! Amazing experience and for sure ever lasting. Will be flying to China in September too and looking so forward. Lets update eachother when I am next in London.
Big hug.

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