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Friday, 17 December 2010

The most beautiful city in the world

The last few days were filled with joy and sadness.  I could not believe that I would soon meet the people I love the most in the whole- wide world and that I would be in snow!! 

The brazilian coast showed me once again how a simpler life seem to be the answer to true happiness. Is it really that easy? I think maybe I am just complicating things like so many of us do for no reason at all, and then we think that is how it has to be in a city. Any struggle seem to turn into a complaint for many people and then the day has somehow lost its brightness. Any decision we have to make is a hard one, but maybe the answer is just to choose, then act; what is the worst that can happen? Your life will change, but surely that is what it is all about? How can we know real happiness if every day is almost the same?
In order to appreciate the good we need to experience the bad. And that is something my travels brought me. The very few negative things that came up in my head I tried to find the positive in.
For example:

Leeches - I dread them on every jungle trip I make, but in Nepal when they appeared after the rain; Not only did  I ran down the Himalayan mountains very quickly but  I also realized how lucky I had been to not have had them until the last day of trekking.

Negative people - The few I met taught me more than any positive thinking book I have ever read. It is just silly, timewasting and destructive to be negative when you are one of very few lucky people in the world who are able to go on this kind of journey, so stop for your own sake! 

Being ill - The only illness I had during the whole trip was the bug I caught in Kathmandu and which made me very weak among other things climbing up Annanpurna, but as soon as I had overcome it I felt more porwerful than I ever have been before and I realized that I have an inner strength which is bigger than I thought.

Missing you - Well it is true what they say: Absence make the heart grow stronger. Just imagine all the stories we have been carrying these last months, I can't wait to hear yours.

Well I will finish preaching as I really did not intend to do that. But what I really wanted to say is that in everything there is a yin and a yang. Find the positive in everything and you will soon learn that it comes automatically. 

Oh Rio, how mesmerising. I choose some pictures which kind reflects my mood. The last evening I could not leave the beach. I sat watching the waves roll in for what seemed like a short eternity and then watched the sunset. Was I really going home?


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