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Friday, 17 December 2010


The excitement of being on my way home was ridiculous. I just wanted to tell everyone about it and  shout out: I am going home, I will meet everyone I love soooooooon, I will see the snow, my dogs, sleep in my own bed....I had a constant smile on my face throughout the journey and would not stop talking to anyone who wanted to listen. On the plane I watched the very dissapointing "Eat, Pray and Love" which of course made me feel nostalgic already since some of it is set in Bali and India. And then!! whilst the plane was preparing to land, the clouds magically disappeared and a snow covered London was right there, who had ordered that? Snow- exactly what I needed in order to appreciate the town again.

And now what? well first I am going to give myself some time to digest everything ( including my newly baked "Lussekatter" which I have lived on today) and celebrate christmas in style. ( I have lived out of a backpack for many months and now I am back with my huge wardrobe)
And then, who knows? I have many plans and feel almost overinspired but for now I just want to enjoy my loved ones.


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